Why choose the "Philippos Nakas - Learn Music Online" program

Since 2019 we have been implementing online music lessons with excellent results. In 2022 we activated and made available to our students and teachers the Blackboard Ultra and Blackboard Collaborate educational platforms as well as the Mercer & Mettl digital audit platform.

Now we are taking a new step in music education with “Philippos Nakas – Learn Music Online”, an exclusively online teaching platform.

With the use of the most modern technological equipment on the part of the teacher and ideally also the student (audio interface, microphone, camera, music software) a high quality lesson is achieved.

Thus the students are educated by the Philippos Nakas Conservatory and its excellent teaching staff, no matter where they live. The educational philosophy and practice of the Philippos Nakas Conservatory can reach any part of Greece or the whole world and guarantee responsible online education in Greek or in English through our high level of teaching, by experienced teachers with deep knowledge of of music and the instrument of their specialty and a surplus of knowledge transfer due to their experience as soloists and teachers.

Next to the proven effective teaching on an individual and group level, we guarantee the same values and quality for the online education.

Our teachers, an important asset of our educational strength

The musicians who make up the teaching staff of the Conservatory are members of symphony orchestras, soloists with active rich and a great contribution in the field of composition, orchestration, recording and performance and have a significant participation in recording production.

Our graduates, sought-after professionals

Most of the graduates of the Philippos Nakas Conservatory are currently members of Greek orchestras or have joined the teaching staff of various conservatories.

The students of modern music, already integrated in musical groups since their school years, today present their own dynamic proposal in the Greek music scene with concerts and a strong recording presence.

The students of traditional-folk music are teachers and soloists and have a strong presence in the recording of the Greek music tradition.

With the online music education program, you live at the pace of the largest music education organization in our country and become part of our large and successful student community.