George Micros

Modern Piano

George Micros began music studies at the classical section of the Athens Conservatory in the violin and percussion sections.

He then studied classical piano with Maya-Maria Roussou and Maria Efstratiadi and modern piano with Dimitris Polytimos. He completed the class of Jazz piano & improvisation with Markos Alexiou at Philippos Nakas Conservtory. He continued and completed his studies in the department of Advanced Theory, Harmony and Counterpoint with Yiannis Ioannidis and Fugue with Josef Papadatos. 

He also completed the Jazz & Improvisation department at the Athenaeum Conservatory where he taught Jazz piano, theory, acoustics & workshops from 2006 to 2020. His teaching activity includes: Accompaniment in vocal workshops of jazz improvisation and repertoire (with Angeliki Bazigou at the theatrical school of Giorgos Kimoulis in 2000 and Sofia Noiti at the Athenaeum since 2001).

He taught classical theory and acoustics (in the classical department of the Philippos Nakas Conservatory among others), Jazz piano, theory, harmony, acoustic & student ensembles (at Praxis, Toniko conservatory, Athenaeum and Philippos Nakas Conservatory). He has been preparing students for admission to music institutions & universities in Greece and abroad.

His artistic activity from 1989 until today includes: Composition of music for short films, collaboration with big band & musical projects and individual performances in the context of educational – cultural events, festivals and competitions, appearance on stage with a musical & dramatic role in theater performances , organization and participation in Jazz-Latin-Pop-Rock & Roll schemes for live & TV appearances. On top of that he has been very active in Discography and has been a member of Jazz – Pop & Funk schemes such as: 

One Night Stand, Nama, Jazz4Fun , Buzz Sextet, Tritone, Wonderland, Fenia & Zazous, Kum Quat, George Micros Quartet, Microtrio (personal Jazz piano trio). 

From the academic year 2020-21, George Mikros started his collaboration with the Philippos Nakas Conservatory with live and online jazz piano and theory courses.