Classical Guitar

Improve your guitar technique. Choose the repertoire that suits you or prepare for qualifying exams. Meet the magical world of the classical guitar!


The beginner starts by learning the basic theory regarding the notes and their position, how to hold the guitar, how to tune it easily and correctly, how to place his/her fingers on the fretboard.

Due to the specific position of the notes on the fretboard, the beginner learns quickly and plays pieces of increasing difficulty. Gradually he develops his skill with melodies that have a satisfying variety in genre and style and open his musical horizon.

The lessons are individual, with a weekly duration of 40′.

Through the distance courses, the student is given the opportunity to prepare for qualifying exams in the Department of Classical Music of the Philippos Nakas Conservatory.

Minimum Internet speed: 24 Mbps

Desired equipment for students:

  • Camera: 1080p or Laptop Built In
  • Speech Mic or Laptop built-In
  • Headphones: Close type
  • PC: 8 GB RAM, Windows 10/11, Screen resolution: 1280×1024
  • Microsoft Office Suite or Office Suite (Free) or MacOS

Optional equipment for students:

  • Audio Interface
  • Instrument or Voice Mic
  • DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
  • Music Notation Softwaref


    Athina Marantidou