Admission to Music Schools

Take the next step for a life in music!


In the specialized department for preparing candidates for admission to the Music Schools of Greece, the course is individual (60′) or group (90′) and aims to familiarize the candidate with the examination requirements for admission to the Music Schools, as defined by the Greek Ministry of Education.

The course includes:

  • pitch perception
  • rhythm perception
  • music listening
    performance of a song in different keys (transporto)
  • playing a given melody on a familiar instrument (xylophone or metallophone).

    As a rule, fifth and sixth grade children are accepted, as well as children who wish to take qualifying exams for admission to a Music School after the 1st year of high school.

Minimum Internet speed: 24 Mbps

Desired equipment for students:

  • Camera: 1080p or Laptop Built In
  • Speech Mic or Laptop built-In
  • Headphones: Close type
  • PC: 8 GB RAM, Windows 10/11, Screen resolution: 1280×1024
  • Microsoft Office Suite or Office Suite (Free) or MacOS

Optional equipment for students:

  • Audio Interface
  • Instrument or Voice Mic
  • DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
  • Music Notation Software


    Christos Dovas